Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gambling causing problems?

The following signs may indicate a problem 
*and a little note just for sharing:

1. Spending more money and time on gambling than you can afford. 
* From as small as $3 dollar bets till bigger bets of $1000 dollars 3 times a weeks you gamble

2. Finding it hard to manage or stop your gambling.  
* When ever friends gamble on soccer, or betting on other gamble on other betting u get so work out when ever u lost money and when ever u start gambling and u lost each time you bet, and u keep telling ur self that u must win back all ur money,  u cant stop your self and keep betting again.

3. Having arguments with family or friends about money and gambling.
* When you cant stop gambling,  u lost most of ur hard earn money on gambling, thing get raugh at home and u end up using family money, which you need to pay your utility bills and other house expenses, and you also start borrowing money from family and friends to pay your utilitys and continued gambling, and thing get worse each time u gamble, and when you cant pay your bills and money you borrow from people, for sure they wont going to be happy with you behaviour trying to avoid paying

4. Losing interest in usual activities or hobbies like going out with friends or spending time with family.
* At this stage u are in stress mood and dont even care about spending time with family members and other activities with others because u all stress up with ur debts
5. Always thinking or talking about gambling.
* mind cant take off from gambling, still thinking of winnning the bets, eventhough you only have $5 left in ur pocket

6. Lying about your gambling or hiding it from other people.
* Started lying and always make excuses and dont even admitted that u gamble when spouse or any other family members ask 'did u gamble all family money?'

7. Chasing losses or gambling to get out of financial trouble.
* This always happen when ever u losses ur gambling, by putting more bets u thing that u can win back but infact u even lost more

8. Gambling until all of your money is gone.
* At this moment u keep quite and show sad face and feel guilty for ur habit in gambling, just to get simpathy from family and want them to understand ur situation ur in now ( do u think ppl will understand and accept just like that? after u losses all family money in debst? think again)

9. Borrowing money, selling possessions or not paying bills in order to pay for gambling.
* When no money to help u out on paying all bills, u start selling possessions to pay ur debts, but what ever u sell cant even cover ur debts much.

10. Needing to gamble with larger amounts of money or for a longer time to get the same feeling of excitement or buzz.

11. Neglecting work, school, family, personal needs or household responsibilities because of gambling.
* Start not paying attention on family personal need and didnt do your responsibilities and worse come to worse u neglecting ur work and school

12. Feeling anxious, worried, guilty, depressed or irritable.
* Feeling anxious, worried for the money landers come chasing you, and feel depressed been ask for money from family and ppl who u borrow.

when u read all the list above cant u tell that u or your family members need help? what should u do to get  help? take brave step come out from ur shadow and go get help, STOP ur gambling habit, help ur self and let others to help u. 

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