Friday, July 18, 2014

Hi guys, just SHARING this with you..

anyway... after listen to talk on GAMBLING ADDICTION, and talk to few counseling friends of mine regarding this topic, and this is what i feel and want to share with you guys (sorry for my bad english ok)

'when u gamble u lose touch with the real meaning of money, money become not fifty DOLLARS note that you feeding to a machine you lose touch with the fact of that money is actualy money that you earn with your hard work that you need to pay a bill and with that money also you going to pay bill at the suparmarket next week'

If you think you have problem in gambling, do take charge and do something about it, think about you family , you relationship and if you really want a life, beside your gambling life, you have to put a stop there and get help, you will feel the sweetnes of life, much happier and a healty life style, and a good control of you life which something that you cant get when u so eddicted with gambling, well that about it, just a little taught from me to you.

i dont really wrote in english but after listening to the talk and i really want to share what i feel about this, anyway tq for reading - Deejay Ibumisali

ps: i will talk more on this topic, and how i can help you guys to solve this problem of yours or where to link you guys for help if there a need for if, will be updating soon.

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